While group classes offer the chance to practice in a community, they lack the individualized attention that is sometimes needed to dive deeper. One on one and small group instruction provide the opportunity for more individualized body assessment, as well as the space to tailor the practice to the specific needs of the student. Individual or small group yoga sessions also provide a protected space for those working with injury or limitation, as well as those who find public classes intimidating.

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Find rejuvenation by creating space in the workday for yoga. 

Busy work schedules often make it difficult for many to find space for a yoga practice. However, studies show that incorporating simple yoga postures and breath-work into a daily routine can increase health status, satisfaction, and productivity. Corporate yoga sessions provide employees the space to find this rejuvenation.

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Kids yoga supports children through their developing years. 

The benefits of yoga extend to children as well and provide a large host of benefits during the developing years. Mentally, yoga can improve focus and concentration, increase confidence, and help to develop greater awareness and respect. Physically, yoga practice can increase strength, improve balance and coordination, and help children to remain mobile and flexible throughout their growth and development. 

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