Student Testimonials

"I really enjoy having Jessica as a teacher.  I particularly appreciate her ability to explain how to approach postures by how they feel.  I've had teachers who are very prescriptive about how postures "should look," but it's rare to find a teacher who combines precision with a focus on the internal.  I admire how her classes manage to challenge everyone, regardless of physical ability!"
"Jessica's the best. Very hands on and the class really progresses each week, but she's super helpful to beginners."
"One of the best yoga classes I have ever taken." 
"This was one of my favorite instructors to date - I'm sure that I've said that before, but this instructor's care, attention to form, and general positive demeanor convinced me to recommit to my yoga practice! Five stars, through and through."
"Jessica has restored my faith in the yoga practice. After so many classes where instructors seemed robotic and disconnected, I loved Jessica's engagement and attention in class and ability to fine tune the practice for everyone." 
"Jessica's classes are absolutely the best -- such good instruction and she always pushes my practice to the next level."
"Jessica was terrific- There were a lot of playful modifications. I felt challenged yet energized and left knowing I will definitely be back! "
"Jess' class is absolutely amazing, one of the best I've taken!"
"Jessica is a gem. Her knowledge about the body is apparent in the way she describes things in a relatable way. I always leave class feeling refreshed and more in tune with my body!"
"Jessica's class is the highlight of my week."
Great class! I felt like I got a lot of individual attention and help. Jessica was willing to take requests for body parts to focus on and helped me after class with a question too! 
"Jessica is the best! Her classes are relaxing, challenging, and she lets us try cool poses that most classes don't offer. Don't have enough nice things to say!"